About Me


I completed my Master’s  degree at California State University Northridge in 2013 with a degree in Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy. I became a licensed therapist in 2015, and my license # is 90500.  I returned to school to study marriage and family therapy as I have a sincere desire to help people lead lives that are in touch with their true values and consistent with their highest vision.

Sometimes, people have an old template from childhood or other experiences that is limiting their current life experiences and needs to be updated. Other times, one may need to learn practical skills for coping with changes and/or communicating with loved ones.

As most people are unique, I believe there is no cookie cutter approach to therapy, but that everyone can flourish in an environment of being treated with genuineness, kindness and compassion. My therapeutic approach is eclectic utilizing evidence based practices such as mindfulness, talk therapy, and CBT. I also believe and rely on the healing effect that happens in the room when two or more people join together. 
I assist people who want to actively work to improve their lives. Evidence supports that change can begin with the first phone call (this has everything to do with the person's sense of taking charge). Call today to start your journey.